Bikers-IRC - The biker's chat

Nick: Password*: Channel: #
* Only needed for registered nicks!

  1. Bots are principally not allowed on this network!

  2. No flooding. This contains as example:

    • mass invites

    • mass notices

    • mass ctcp

    • mass connect/disconnect

    • mass nickname change

    • mass join/part on channels

    • mass messaging

    • text flooding of any kind

  3. No channel takeovers, no nuking, no spam of any kind and no advertising.

  4. No services flooding.

  5. No clones! Five clones from the same IP are allowed. Further clones will automatically be akilled.

  6. No Services and IRCop impersonation in any way (channels, nicks).

  7. No channel names involving company names or illegal content.

  8. No harrassment and disrespect against IRCops, channel ops or other users.

  9. Instructions of the IRCops must be followed.

  10. Advertising and XDCC channels are not allowed.

Violating these rules may mean, that you will be banned from the network and your nick/channels will be erased.

Important for users who want to connect a bot:
If you want to use one in your channel, contact an IRCop! Other bots will be banned from the network!
Your bot should be have functions, BotService do not provide. Aggressive bots, warbots (for DDoS attacks, etc.) and spambots are not allowed.