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The Bikers-IRC was created to bring together the biker's communities and motorclubs worldwide. Every party can manage their own channel on the Bikers-IRC and it's possible to join different channels at the same time. The advantage is, that if there are no or just a few users in your channel, you can join channels of other parties to communicate with them, without parting the channel of your community. So you notice, when someone joins your channel. Additional to that, a channel name like is a promotion for your community or motorclub.

If you have questions about the Bikers-IRC or need help to setup your own channel or with registering your own nick, join the official help channel #irchelp and ask an operator (marked with a ~, &, @ or %) for help. Everything is free and without any advertising. It's a platform made by bikers for bikers and all those who want to celebrate with us.

Official channels are

  • #bikers (Officaial main channel)
  • #irchelp (Official help channel)
  • #opers (Official channel for IRCops, that can only be joined by them)

If you are connected to the Biker-IRC, you can get a list of all active channels by clicking to the button Channels or type /list.

Have fun on Bikers-IRC!

Your Bikers-IRC Staff

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